Visol X-Wing Crystal Humidifier - 100 Cigars

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Product Description

  • Contains Propylene Glycol Crystals (Release Humidity Slowly to Maintain Humidity Balance inside Humidor); Ideal for 50 to 100 Cigar Humidors

  • Saturate the Crystals with Small Amount of Distilled Water and Let the Crystals Absorb and Expand; May Take Up to 3 hours to Soak Completely;

  • Approx. Dimensions: 5.85 inches (Length) x 1.75 inches (Width) x 0.5 inches (Thickness); Approx. Weight: 0.11 pounds

  • Can be Easily Attached to Any Cigar Humidor; Made with Plastic; Reusable, Can Be Used Up 1 to 2 months per Refill

  • Comes Packaged in Cardboard Box; Includes Two Circular Self-Adhesive Magnets for Back of Humidifier