Visol Cole Brushed and Polished Chrome Single Jet Flame Cigar / Cigarette Lighter

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Product Description

The Cole from Visol boasts an engravable body that emits a powerful torch flame. Its center has a brushed finish that’s smooth to the touch and even engravable! You don’t have to worry about moving the top of this lighter with textured sides to the light the flame. Simple as pressing down the button, ignite this lighter and your favorite smoking device by ordering today!

  • Two Tone Brushed Chrome and Polished Chrome Body

  • Wind Resistant Single Torch Flame Lighter

  • Easy to Use Single Button Ignition

  • Butane Refillable Lighter with Adjustable Flame Height (Butane Not Included); Ships Empty of Butane;

  • Modern Design with Elegant Multi-Tone Style; Approx. Dimensions - Length: 1.4 inches, Width: 2.75 inches, Height: 0.65 inches; Approx. Weight: 0.21 pounds