Lighter Prepacks

Visol offers retail prepacks for lighters, which are designed to help you display and showcase their products in your store. These prepacks typically include a set number of lighters bundled together in a convenient package for easy display. These packages are typically available in different sizes, such as packs of 20 lighters or more. The specific quantity and assortment may vary based on the package. By purchasing a retail prepack, you can save time and effort in individually selecting and arranging lighters for display. The prepacks come ready for placement in your store, making the process more convenient for you. Visol retail prepacks may include a variety of lighters from their collection, allowing you to showcase different styles, designs, and features to cater to various customer preferences. This assortment can help attract a wider range of customers and provide them with options to choose from. Retail prepacks from Visol ensure that you can maintain brand cohesion and consistency in your store. The prepacks often feature the Visol branding, creating a unified and professional look for your lighter display. 

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