Ceramic Ashtrays

Visol offers ceramic ashtrays that are designed to enhance your table setting and provide a convenient and stylish solution for cigar or cigarette disposal. Visol ashtrays are made from ceramic material, which not only gives them an elegant and sophisticated look but also provides durability and resistance to heat. Ceramic ashtrays are known for their sturdiness and ability to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for use with cigars or cigarettes. Visol ashtrays are designed to complement your table setting, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment. Many Visol ashtrays feature built-in cigar rests, providing a convenient and secure place to hold your cigars while you enjoy them. Ceramic ashtrays are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The smooth surface allows for effortless ash removal, and the ceramic material is typically resistant to staining. Visol ceramic ashtrays combine functionality with stylish design, making them a practical and decorative addition to your table setting. Whether you're enjoying a cigar or cigarette, these ashtrays offer a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for ash disposal.

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