Wedge Cutters

A wedge cutter, also known as a V-cut cigar cutter, is a popular alternative to the traditional straight cut or guillotine cutter. It offers a unique and distinctive cut on your cigar, creating a wedge-shaped notch in the cap. Wedge cutters are designed to be easy to use and handle. With a simple press and twist motion, the cutter's blades create a V-shaped groove on the cigar cap. This cut style is favored by many cigar enthusiasts as it provides a different draw and can enhance the flavor experience. The unique cut created by a wedge cutter works well with a range of cigar sizes. It allows for a generous draw while still maintaining the structural integrity of the cigar. To achieve the best results with a wedge cutter, it's recommended to position the cutter's V-shaped groove aligned with the cap of the cigar. Apply a gentle but firm pressure and twist the cutter to create the cut. Remember to remove any loose tobacco remnants from the cut before lighting your cigar. Regular maintenance of your wedge cutter, such as keeping the blades clean and sharp, will ensure its optimal performance over time.

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